"Kelly Bourland did a fantastic job repurposing my clothes by making entirely new outfits out of things I could see no use for anymore!  Every single one looked like it stepped right out of a magazine.  Amazing!  Even my husband loved that she had come because her help is far more cost efficient than another outfit.  I would highly recommend such a fun time to any girl who needs a little wardrobe inspiration!"
-Candace, Midtown Memphis 

"I thought my closet had nothing to offer, but I loved seeing how Kelly created fresh, fun outfits from pieces I already had."
-Katie, East Memphis

"Every time I look into my closet, I feel like I have nothing to wear. You probably know the feeling!! Kelly helped me see my wardrobe in a whole new light putting together pieces that I would never have dreamed about wearing together before. The consultation has really helped me be more creative with my outfits and accessories. I feel like I have double my wardrobe and my husband doesn’t have to hear me say I have nothing to wear!"
-Kristy, East Memphis

"I have a pretty pared down wardrobe to begin with, and Kelly helped me come up with new combinations using what I already own.  Now it looks like I have more clothes, and I don't feel like I wear the same outfits over and over."
-Merrill, East Memphis

"I'm actually excited about choosing which outfits I want to wear now!!" 
-Margo, East Memphis