Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall Fashion Formula #1

Yeah, my first fall fashion formula!

  1. cardigan + long t-shirt + skinny jeans + flats + colorful necklace

This is pretty simple, and I am thinking that most people probably have most of these pieces.  If not, see the links below.  You could switch it up to a shorter cardigan, flared jeans, or boots instead of flats.  The colorful necklace gives it a bit of a modern edge and an interesting focal point.

My Look:
Gray Cardigan: $1.49 Half of Half
Long Tee: $17.99  TJ Maxx (long tunic length tees are not the easiest things to find, if you see one snatch it up!
Skinny Jeans: New York and Company
Embellished Flats: $39.99 Marshalls

Here are some similar looks from my pinterest style page...


Tunic Tees

Colorful Necklaces

Skinny Jeans

Embellished Flats


  1. kelly this is so cute! i'm liking checking all your posts.....these days i'm so out of sorts....i'm trying to improve little by little-ha! i think babies in 3 years really threw me out of sorts! i'm impressed with your really cheap finds! my problem is i have no time do "search"---i'm lucky to pick something up on a target run or old navy, etc. but i rarely just have time to go in search of deals and bargins.....any suggestions?

  2. I know it is so hard with kiddos. I think the first thing is just to realize that you have to make yourself a priority sometimes. Plan a time to go on a weekend without your kids to several stores. Have a list in mind of what you need. That way you won't get so overwhelmed by all the craziness of the cheaper stores. If you know that you are looking for a gray cardigan, you can go straight to the sweater rack, look for your size and look quickly for a gray one. I have lots of other tips for shopping with kids that I will share in an upcoming post!

  3. I love your style!! So glad I found you on "J's"!!!