Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Fashion Formula #5

ruffle-front top + cardigan + belt + flared jeans or pants + wedges

 My Look:
Orange Cardigan: Marshalls
Yellow Sleeveless Ruffle Top: Old Navy 
Gold best: Old Navy
Flared Jeans: Gap
Cognac Wedges: Marti and Liz

A few similar looks from my Pinterest style page...

Ruffle-front tops...

Flared jeans...


Skinny belts...


  1. I have to tell you! I mimicked your style today! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Ashley in East Memphis

  2. kelly where do you buy these marti & liz shoes? i've noticed you've mentioned this brand several times now. is it a local store to you or do they sell online? thanks!

  3. I know! Seems like ALL of my shoes are from there. They do not have one here in Memphis, but I never miss a trip when I am in Knoxville (near TJ Maxx on Kingston Pike), Cookeville, or Nashville. They do have a few other locations, like Murfreesboro but I don't know where else. Let me know what you find if you get over there sometime.

  4. thanks! oh i have been in there as i've had other friends tell me about it--as i forgot that was what that place was called! i didn't have any luck on that trip but i'll definitely check it out when i'm there again! thanks!