Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 11: Shopping Online

Online shopping can be so fun.  You can put lots of stuff in “your cart” and then take all the time you want to think about it before actually spending your money.  I look much more than I buy, but here are some of the online stores that I have had good experiences with…

Lulus.com:  This is a great store for affordable little dresses and trendy tops and shoes.  I have only ordered from them once, but I was very pleased with the dress I received.

Forever21:  If you go to a Forever 21 store, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the experience.  It is almost always crowded with people, and it is packed with clothes to the point it is hard to see what they have.  I much prefer their online site.  Forever 21 is great for basics like layering tees and tanks as well as the occasional trendy item.  

MJR sales:  I just recently found this site.  MJR has lots of things from Victorias Secret.  Each item is listed individually by size, so it may take a bit of searching, but you can get some great stuff for great prices.  And they ship super fast!

Gap/Old Navy/ Banana Republic:  If you have a Gap card you can usually get free shipping.  You can return what you don’t want to the store, so no return shipping woes.  When I was pregnant, I shopped from the maternity section a lot because the selection in my stores was limited.  You can still find better bargains on clearance items in store, so keep that in mind.

Smart Bargains:  Great source for affordable designer denim

Ebay:  LOVE to shop on Ebay!  Post coming about this soon!

Let me know your favorite online shopping sites!

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  1. I love shopping on ebay too! I found a really great "boutique" site called www.ruche.com which has some really cute things. Some are expensive and others are inexpensive. Another place I love to shop online is White House Black Market (specifically their Sale/Clearance section----LOTS more to choose from than in my local store). Then, there is my all-time favorite, Boston Proper (again I shop the outlet section).