Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 15: Shopping on Ebay

The past few years I have become a HUGE fan of shopping on Ebay!  Ebay is a great place to shop for…
  • Jewelry
  • Designer Items
  • Trendy Items
  • Cosmetics
Have an item on your shopping list that you can’t seem to find?  Try Ebay.  I have purchased handbags, shoes, jackets, jeans, boots, watches, necklaces, bracelets, makeup and many other items.  

A few tricks and guidelines
  • Check the sellers feedback
  • Buy things you are comfortable with because you likely will not be able to return them.  Know your size in various brands before you shop for them.
  • When searching, click the “include item description” box to expand your searches.
  • There are many international sellers.  You may want to check the “US sellers” only box if you want to get your item quickly.
  • Many, many items have a “Buy it Now” option on them if the auctions intimidate you. 

Good Luck!  Let me know if you find any great stuff!

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