Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 27: Layering Tees

Layering is something that seems to be a challenge to a lot of people.  When I do a wardrobe consultation, I try to show my clients how layering is not a challenge but an opportunity to expand your wardrobe!  Many people take their summer dresses and tops and put them away for the winter months for lack of ways to wear them.  When it comes to layering there are basically 2 options, layer under or layer over.  When you wear a cardigan, jacket or vest, you are layering over and when you wear a lightweight tee underneath, you are layering under.  The key to layering under is finding the perfect layering tee.  In my personal opinion the perfect layering tee is light weight, a nice long length, and has a u-shaped scoop type neck (to open up the chest and not feel so bulky). 

The search for great layering tees is NOT easy, I have included some links, but I HIGHLY recommend this is something that you try on and see for yourself.  Once you find one you like buy it in white, black, gray, cream, and any other color you love.  This year I have even added some striped layering tees to my collection, and they are going with everything.

If you need a place to start...

Let me know if you find or have found some great layering tees!
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