Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3: Shopping with Kids!

I love to shop and, I shop A LOT.  Many of my friends ask me how I am able to shop with my kids with me.  I think this is something that many moms find very difficult.  Here are some of my personal tips for attempting to shop with your children.

1.  Shop at stores with buggies (or carts, if you call them that):  Most of the time when I shop with my kids, I try to do it at discount stores that are easy to get in and out of.  Stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Sears, Kohls, Gordmans, etc…  have shopping carts or strollers for you to use while you shop.  It is much easier to navigate a store when my kids are in the cart.
2.  Distractions:  While they are in the buggy, give them your iphone, ipod, a book or a snack to keep them busy while you look around.
3.  Bribery: I am sure that some of you will hate this idea.  But often when we are shopping I will promise them a trip to the toy section of the store if they will be good. Sometimes all they can do is look at the toys, but they think it is fun.
4  Shop a lot:  This may sound strange, but my children have been shopping with me since they were little babies.  They are used to it, and do not think it is strange or boring, it is just something we do.
5.  Malls are fun:  My kids love the mall and even ask to go there.  One of the malls in our town has a carosel, an indoor playground, and a food court with lots of great kid choices.  In the winter is it a great place to get out of the cold and in the summer, a great place to cool off.
 Libby on the carousel at the mall.
6.  Take time for yourself:  Obviously shopping with your kids is not the ideal way to shop.  If you need to do some serious shopping, leave the kids at home with dad or get a babysitter. Make yourself a priority sometimes and then you will be a better mom in the long run
7.  Shop at stores with good return policies and keep receipts: Trying on clothes with kids can be a bit of a nightmare.  So buy it, try it on at home and decide later.  
8.Shop online!  No babysitter needed.  Another post coming soon about online shopping. 

Hope this helps, let me know your thoughts on shopping with kiddos…

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  1. I do all of the same things you do to get a little shopping done with the kids. I have seen a mom mount a DVD player on the top of the cart handle to occupy her child. Not sure if I would personally go that far but I guess if you're going to be there for a couple of hours, it's an option!