Thursday, December 1, 2011

An Exciting Find!

When I tell you about my new find, you will understand why there is no picture today.  My kiddos needed some new undies so Knox and I stopped by Sears the other day after working out (Sears is right next to my gym).  Next to the kids section was the ladies lingerie.  They had some undies on sale and I picked up a pair of the lacy thongs.  THESE THINGS ARE AMAZING!  I have never worn such a comfortable pair of thongs.  Normally I only wear them when VPL is a major issue, but I have worn these all day and I can't even feel them. 
Here is the link
Women's Thong Panties- Apostrophe-Clothing-Intimates-Panties

On the website it looks like the only have black, but there were lots of colors at the store.  I picked up the beige/nude color.

Give these a try, I think you will be glad you did!


  1. good to know! so far the only thongs i've like are hanky panky and they're not cheap!

  2. I actually think that these are hanky panky knock-offs!