Monday, July 16, 2012

A Guest Post

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Dress Confidently This Summer

With summer sun lighting up the sky and warming our days, it’s hard to escape the fact that summer fashion is in full swing. There are plenty of people who find that summer is just a time to lounge around in their old t-shirts and shorts, but if you are someone who wants to take the summer by storm, look to your fashion choices! Beauty is something that you have in your grasp; all it takes is the right attitude and the right kind of perseverance. Consider how you can look your best even in the sweltering summer sun.

Keep Your Feet Cool With Fashionable Sandals


 As some fashion mavens say, you can’t go wrong with sandals. Summer is the time for you to really show off your feet, so get a fun pedicure with neon polish, and the right pair of women’s shoes are fun ways to pamper yourself and finish your look. A few straps across the foot give you an adorably minimal look, while something that is more elaborate means that you are set for all sorts of summer events. Take a moment to think about how you can move forward with the right foot, so to speak!


Fashion is all about making sure that you can get the right accessories. While you cannot put on many more clothes in the summer, you’ll find that you can usually handle a scarf or a new headband. Think about what your silhouette looks like and think about how you can make it look more interesting. For example, a scarf worn around your throat gives you an airy, ethereal look, while one wrapped over your hair gives you an old-fashioned, classic Hollywood look. Similarly, make sure that you consider things like jewelry, especially in the form of bracelets and anklets that would not be shown otherwise. Take a moment to think about what look you want!

Color and More Color

If you want to make sure that you are dressed well for the summer, don’t miss out some of the hot new colors. Cool things down with water blue or a rich green. Neons are the color trend this summer, so ditch the dull, winter neutrals and use this season to be bold and bright!

Consider where you are going to get your summer fashion inspirations from, whether it’s your favorite store or your celebrity idol, and add in your own personal flair for a summer of hot temps and fashions!

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