Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Fashion Formula #7

striped long sleeved t-shirt + patterned scarf + jeans + tall boots

(by the way, I have been having problems getting my posts to show up in google reader.  Click on through to my blog if you aren't seeing new posts.  I am trying to get it fixed.)
My look:
Striped top: Ross $7.99
Printed scarf: gift
Jeans: Paige skyline cropped
Boots: $25 Charlotte Russe

striped tees..

Printed scarves...

Flat brown boots...

for skinny jeans click here


  1. So cute!! I love your top and boots!! Perfect outfit for fall! :)


  2. I love the boots! I'm a big fan of the shoes sold @Charlotte Russe. It's crazy the great deals that you can find there! I'm very pro-scarf for this time of year too! Your post has definitely helped inspire me for my blog as I'm beginning to get looks together to post. You have some really great advice. Thanks for sharing! *ALISSA