Friday, September 30, 2011

Wrap Up

 I hope that these fourteen fall fashion formulas have given you some inspiration for the upcoming season.
Here are a couple of google documents to help you out:

Printable Copy of the 14 Fall Fashion Formulas
Tape up a copy of this in your closet.

Printable Shopping list
If you have everything on this list, you can create all 14 formulas

Tomorrow I am going to be starting another series, 31 days to a more fashionable life...
It is a little challenge from The Nester, that I decided to take on.  Check it out starting tomorrow.

Also, notice at the top of the blog there are some new pages.  Testimonials and Services.  You can click on those and read some comments from my clients, and learn more about my styling services.  

One more thing, I also have a little stationery business.  You can click here to visit my Libbylu Designs site and learn about custom Christmas and Holiday cards.


  1. Kelly, thanks for the formulas and shopping list! I'm an unfashionable girl who needs all the help she can get :)

  2. kelly truly this is fabulous! i have so loved reading all these tips--glad you've started all this for us non-fashionable ladies--ha!