Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days to a More Fashionable Life- Jean Alternatives

This first day is a post about a question that I get a lot.  What are some alternatives to jeans?  Jeans are super versatile, somewhat comfortable, and suitable for many occasions.  Still, it is great to have some other options to wear on your bottom half.

Here are some suggestions...
1.  skinny cargo pants:  these come in many colors and lengths and can be worn casually in much the same way jeans are worn. 

2.  Black yoga pants:  These may seem really lazy, but if you can find a pair that fit well and don't look too sporty, they can be an easy casual alternative to jeans.  Wear them with flats and you can look chic in comfy knit pants.

3.  A Denim Skirt:  Great in the summer with sandals or in the winter with boots or tights for warmth.

Khakis:  The key to a good pair of khaki pants is picking a modern cut and a shade that is not too light.

Do you have any other suggestions for alternatives to jeans?  I would love to hear them!


  1. I love your link up! I'm looking forward to your fashion tips :)

    I've never thought to get a denim skirt as an alternative to jeans, I love that idea. I have a really hard time finding khakis I like. They always look too young on me or they are too dressy.

  2. I LOVE ponte pants. They're a mix between a legging and a pant. I wear long tunic shirts or blouses with them You can dress them up or down. I personally like the boot cut style b/c they look like a pant and not a legging. They're thick so you mostly wear them for fall/winter. Very comfy too!

  3. I'm with you on all these ideas! But thanks for the great reminder to consider them for casual dress, instead of jeans. I'll be popping in to enjoy your series.

    Blessings, abundantly,