Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 19: Discount Shopping

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Many people that I hear from are intimidated of discount shopping.  When referring to “discount shopping”  I am mainly talking about discount stores such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Stein Mart, etc…

Here are some of the benefits:
  1. Less Expensive, so you can buy more
  2. Typically, no pushy sales people putting pressure on you to buy things you don’t need
  3. Liberal return policies
  4. Many types of items in the same place (womens, mens, shoes, housewares, toys)

Here are some of my tips for shopping at discount stores:
  1. Take your time:  You may not be able to run in and out to get something like you would at a smaller boutique.  But just a little extra time can be extremely worthwhile.
  2. Shop often:  These types of stores get new inventory all the time.
  3. Know the layout of the store:  These stores are actually fairly organized and well-labeled.  Inside of each department (Mens, Ladies, Juniors, Womens/Plus Size) there are sections of sweaters, blouses, dresses, pants, capris, etc).  Take a moment to learn your way around and you will do much better.
  4. Know what is good at each store: 
Here are my favorites:  Ross- dresses and shoes
                                                        Marshalls- shoes, sweaters and tops, kids toys
                                                        TJ Maxx- Juniors tops, purses, beauty products
                                                        Stein Mart- Work-type separates and accessories

  1. Just have fun and consider it an adventure:  don’t get stressed out and overwhelmed, and practice makes perfect.  Once you get the hang of it you will not want to go back to high priced boutiques.
  2. A note about quality:  Some are concerned about the quality of the items at these stores.  For the most part, if you are buying in the ladies section, you can be confident that the quality is VERY good, especially at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  Just look at the brands, they are very often the same you are seeing at Macys, Dillards, and even higher end stores. 

What questions you still have about discount shopping? 

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