Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 20: Black and Brown Together!

For some of you this may be a no-brainer, but I know for some it is not.  It is OK to wear black and brown together (gray and brown too)!  I have even had clients ask me if I would please post this on my blog, so they would feel more confident wearing the combo.

Here are a few examples of me wearing black with brown and gray with brown.

Now try to imagine these same outfits with black shoes, and you can see that the brown creates a much more interesting look and less "matchy match."  When doing black with brown, choose a brown that is lighter, closer to a cognac or a camel, so there is more contrast.  Think of that brown as just another color, not as a neutral.
If you embrace this idea, you can see why flat brown boots, are a wardrobe essential.

Need more convincing?  I created a black and brown Pinterest board.  I think once you see these amazing looks, you will feel fully confident wearing black and brown together.

What about you?  Have you tried this, or seen others trying this?

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  1. love this kelly! so if i have a cute black dress can i belt it with brown belt and then add the brown boots? i'm thinking of getting this black dress and the model is wearing black boots; but i don't have any black boots right now and i'm getting brown boots first (i've totally cleaned out my closet and purged all sorts of things i was not wearing & just tired of looking at, so it's slow process to replenish!) so wondering if all that would look ok together? really do love your tidbits! if we lived close i think i would totally have you go through my closet! thanks, erica