Friday, November 4, 2011

I Need Your Help!

I need your help!
I know that you all are tired of seeing my old face on this blog everyday!  I would love to get some of you to help me with some upcoming posts.  I am specifically looking for…
1.  Someone pregnant
2.  Someone transitioning after pregnancy
3.  Someone willing to go with me to a thrift store for some styling
4.  someone willing to go with me to a discount store for some styling

If you live in the Memphis area, and if you are interested in being a little “experiment” for me and willing to have your picture on my blog, send me an email (Kelly bourland at yahoo dot com) and we can talk about the details.   There will be no cost involved for you, unless you want to buy some of the clothes we find.

Also, I am drawing the name for the enclosure cards today, check out Libbylu Designs for details...

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