Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reader Question: Short Tops

Here is a recent question from a reader...

“I have trouble with low rise pants. It seems my shirts are never long enough, and I'm constantly checking to see if my stomach showing. I know with a t shirt and jeans I can layer another t shirt or cami, but with work clothes it's harder. I wore a sweater set with black pants the other day and the sweater set barely skimmed the top of the pants. Any advice?”

My first advice would be to wear pants with a higher rise.  I personally HATE low-rise pants and jeans (I am extremely high-waisted, so they just don’t work on me).  I try to choose mid-rise or higher pants.  If you don’t want to invest in a bunch of new pants, I still think that it is ok to have a longer cami sticking out under your work blouses.  Maybe even one with a lacy trim on it.  You could also tuck the cami in, so that if you lift up your arms, your tummy is covered.    My second advice would be to wear longer tops.  Switch out the short bottom sweater of your set for a silk blouse or a button down that would give you more coverage.    

Hope this helps!  Keep those questions coming…

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